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Placing Dental Crowns
Great Falls, MT

Image of a dental crown at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MT. Once your tooth is damaged, a dentist may want to treat it and cover it to provide support, protection, or even shape it. Dental crowns come in handy in such situations, especially if traditional fillings cannot resolve the issue.

Different types of dental crowns are available at River's Edge Dental. There are crowns made of porcelain, a tooth-colored material that is both strong and durable. There are also resin crowns that are also tooth-colored and durable, though not as strong as the ones made from porcelain. Besides, there are metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, which are strong and preferred for fixing the teeth.

Issues Corrected with Dental Crowns

A patient would require dental crowns to protect a broken tooth that has become weak or to put together portions of cracked teeth. Another reason is to repair a badly worn down or broken tooth. Dental crowns can also serve to encase and support a tooth that has received a large filling but does not have sufficient structure to support the filling.

Dentists also use crowns when placing dental bridges to hold the bridge in place. During dental implants, a dentist may use a crown to cover the abutments. The crown serves as the top part of the tooth. Again, after receiving a root canal treatment, a dentist may suggest covering the tooth with a crown to give it additional protection.

Crown Placement Procedure

The typical process of placing dental crowns takes two visits to our dental office. It begins with the dentist examining the tooth and prepping it to get ready for crown placement. It is a process that may involve recording x-rays. If an infection is present, the dentist clears it out, cleans the cavity, sanitizes it, and seals it. Next, the dentist scrapes off the enamel, removing part of it so that the crown is able to fit as required.

An impression of the trimmed tooth is recorded and also that of the nearby teeth. An interim crown is then mounted over the tooth where it will provide protection and help with chewing. The impression creates a model that a lab technician utilizes to sculpt the permanent crown.

After roughly two weeks, the permanent piece should be ready and you are required to check in for the placement. The dentist will mount it, do any required changes, and then cement it permanently.

Same-Day Crowns

There are same-day crowns that basically skip the interim crown step. A dentist obtains digital pictures of the teeth and mouth from where the crowns are crafted right in the office. With a wait time of one to two hours, you are able to get the immediately sculpted crown placed and cemented onto the tooth. The entire process is completed in a duration of roughly two to four hours. You get back home with your new, beautiful smile.

To discover more about dental crowns and learn the benefit of ceramic crowns over other types, contact River's Edge Dental today. We have a specialized team that will assess your teeth and walk you through the procedure. Call us at (406) 315-5882 to set up an appointment.
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