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Your Child's First Visit
Great Falls, MT

Image of a child smiling. Learn more about our child's first visit at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MT First impressions are critical. A child's first visit to the dentist can be a mixed bag of emotions for the child and parent. We invite parents to review with your child what to expect with the best of intentions, it is preferred that parents do not initiate the idea of fear, or express that we may be upset over unbrushed teeth, and to help your child feel calm. First impressions of a dental office can create feelings for dental work that can last a lifetime. We do not want your child to be afraid of us.

Dental Care Before First Visit

The best way to establish dental care for your child is to have it always be part of their schedule. From infancy, help your child grow used to you assisting them in caring for their teeth and gums. With your infants, begin the minimal daily step of taking a clean washcloth and very gently wipe their gums. This minimal wipe doesn’t do much in removing bacteria, but it establishes two steps. First, the step of the baby getting used to you doing the task of wiping their gums, and secondly, you create the habit of daily cleaning their gums and future teeth.

The next important step you can do with your infants and babies is to follow the guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics in providing correct drinks and foods for your child according to their age. Tips for starting solid foods, what foods to give, and how often, can be important to their teeth development and oral health. Babies can develop caries, or cavities, in their developing teeth even before they erupt.

Once your child has a single tooth or multiple teeth, you should be lightly brushing them each day. This will help keep those teeth healthy, help your baby become accustomed to you brushing their teeth and establish a daily habit in you of caring for their teeth. It is not necessary to use toothpaste at this point; once your child is a toddler you can then wipe the tiniest amount of toothpaste on their brush, this will help them grow used to the taste.

What to Expect at a First Dental Visit

We see children around the age of two for their first dental visit. These early visits will allow us to do several tasks including:
•  Have the child meet the dentist and sit in a dental chair.
•  We may show them our tools and let them see and touch some.
•  We may look at and inspect their teeth and gums for anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Children may have already developed cavities, especially if they take bottles into bed with them or drink large amounts of juice.
•  We may perform a simple dental cleaning.
•  We can initiate conversation with you offering tips, tools, and answer any questions you may have to better assist your child in being successful in their dental care.
•  Establish a positive dental experience for your child to make their visit happy and successful.
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First impressions of a dental office can create feelings for dental work that can last a lifetime. At River's Edge Dental we want to ensure a positive experience. Learn more here.
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