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Nitrous Oxide Sedation
Great Falls, MT

Conscious sedation at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MT We offer a wide variety of conscious sedation options which we can provide based on your needs. Nitrous oxide is conscious sedation that provides relief and helps a patient relax during treatment.

This minimal sedation is inhaled through a mask that is worn over the nose, it requires no shots or the oral intake of pills or medication for this sedative to work. In some cases, we may suggest that a patient choose to use it in concurrence with other sedatives such as a local anesthetic. Patients like how effective nitrous oxide is and how quickly the effects dissipate following the procedure.  

Nitrous oxide is more commonly known by the phrase, laughing gas, and though we cannot guarantee giggles, studies have shown that patients feel a low level of euphoria while breathing it in. Nitrous oxide is a safe sedative that will allow a patient to remain conscious and even communicate with any member of our team at River's Edge Dental as needed. Though they will feel a calming feeling, they will not feel loopy, drugged or out of it. Once the procedure is completed, the patient will remain in their chair to breathe normal air for just a few minutes before they are ready to continue their day. Most patients are even able to drive home because the sedative has dissipated. Patients who feel nervous about dental work can feel more relaxed with nitrous oxide.

How Nitrous Oxide Is Administered

Nitrous oxide is administered through inhalation; once the patient has inhaled it, it is then absorbed by diffusion through the patient’s lungs, and then goes out through respiration as the patient exhales. To administer the sedative, the patient is asked to first get comfortable in the dental chair. We then secure a mask that is designed to fit over the nose. Once the mask is secured, we start the flow of nitrous oxide which is delivered in a 70% oxygen, 30% nitrous oxide mix. This blend may be adjusted as necessary.  

Nitrous oxide can be safely inhaled through the length of the entire dental procedure under the watchful eye of Dr. David Currie. Once the procedure is completed, we will remove the mask and ask that you sit and breathe in and out regularly for five to ten minutes. This will help clear the sedative from your lungs. Some patients may experience some mild negative side effects including nausea, headache, or lightheadedness. All of these conditions should alleviate quickly.

Nitrous Oxide and Children

Nitrous oxide is a preferred method of sedation for children while having a dental procedure performed. Children are known for being nervous at the dental office, and this can help them feel relaxed while using a safe sedative that will not make them feel drowsy or drugged. Parents like nitrous oxide for their children because it does not significantly impact the child, it simply reduces their pain and helps them feel at ease, decreasing their feelings of fear and anxiety about the procedure and about sitting in the dentist chair. In many cases, we can even get more accomplished in an appointment because they are willing to sit for a longer period than usual. This makes nitrous oxide a win/win.
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Nitrous Oxide Sedation | Dentist Great Falls, MT | River's Edge Dental
At River's Edge Dental, we offer a wide variety of conscious sedation options which we can provide based on your needs. Nitrous oxide is a conscious sedation that provides relief and helps you relax during treatment. Click to learn more.
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